Tech & Innovation

Technology and Innovation

Utilizing the latest proven technology coupled with highly trained and talented professionals in all disciplines, we continuously improve performance and strengthen competitiveness, with the goals of creating and expanding business opportunities, building new revenue streams, reducing costs and increasing efficiencies in all business segments.

Saudi Arabian Chevron's employees share platforms for every process and communication. Earth scientists, HR, Supply Chain, Procurement, Engineers, and IT professionals meet as virtual teams, bridging geography and time zones; procurement becomes digital, and human resources specialists help our businesses manage our global workforces.

Major enhancements to the IT infrastructure include robust backbone, computing resources, and high speed bandwidth. Our workforce utilizes the latest proven technology in terms of hardware and software. Governance and Information Protection is a business enabler to improve enterprise security. Web applications and development is also another key area where it helps the company reduce cycle time and improve processes.

Steamflood technology has been proven to work in sandstone reservoirs, but the PZ marks the first time it is being employed in carbonate reservoirs. Enhancing the recovery of the onshore PZ's Eocene reservoirs through steamflooding offers not only the potential for significant additional recovery over the long term, but also for creating a significant number of jobs, promoting technology transfer to workers, and proving up technology with applications outside the PZ. If successful, steamflooding could yield billions of barrels of incremental oil recovery for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the State of Kuwait.

With over 50 years of industry-leading heavy oil experience, Chevron is uniquely positioned to address the technical challenges of steamflooding.